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At The Tennis King we create games, have men women's teams, run events & USTA senior tournaments & leagues all summer long.

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Weekend game making is easy. You come to play & I place you in a game. I make games on the weekends from 8am to 1030am.  You are guaranteed a game if you arrive between 9-1030am. If you are already in a group and want to play on Saturday or Sunday mornings all you need to do is sign in between 730am and 9am or after 1030am. During the week if you are looking to play just let me know in advance and I will find a group who needs players. Once you are in the network you will always have games.


The Tennis King Teams consists of one men's over 60 team that plays Tuesday nights @ 6pm and 2 women's teams that play Wednesday & Thursday at 10am . There is no qualifying for the teams other than joining and everyone is welcome. The 2 women's teams  are a B1 & B2 in the NSWTL & Interclub leagues and again there is no qualifying for the team other than joining and all are welcome.

Plus we are welcome to the idea of establishing additional teams just call Mark at 516-606-9367.



We have 3 club events every season & we also have the Thursday night 6-8pm "Round Robin/BBQ" every Thursday all summer long. All the TTK events are free and you are welcome to invite guests.  The 3 events are the French Open Brunch, the Breakfast at Wimbledon and US Open buffet. Each event is 2 hours and has a doubles round robin format and food prepared by the members.

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The Tennis King teaching staff is highly qualified and have over a 100 years on experience combined.

Our rates are extremely reasonable at $120 an hour and $60 a half hour. I also offer discounted series rates The 5hr. series is $500. - 10hrs series is $900. The Tennis King University is a 20hr. series for $2399. and includes a free membership to the club. This is by far the best lesson deal in tennis !!!



The Tennis King the hub of all USTA senior events and tournaments during the summer season.

We host men and women's tournaments for singles and doubles from mid April to November.  You need not be a club member but you do have to be a USTA member to sign up for these events,

Players from all over the northeast come to TTK to play these touraments.

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