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The Tennis King Testimonials are from members and students reviewing the club, lessons, membership, events. If you wish to add your review email Mark Johns  at :


TTK is the place to be if you want to better your tennis game, meet awesome people, strive for competition on the court, and overall have fun hitting the yellow ball. I’ve been a singles player all my life, and since being a member of TTK, my doubles game is even better!!!     Jill  A. 


I have been a member of The Tennis King for two yearsand could not be happier.  The courts are well maintained

and are in a cozy tree lined setting.  I've met a great group of players and am always able to get into fun, competitive games. Most of all, there is a wonderful camaraderie fueled by Mark John's energetic and upbeat personality.  I can't recommend the club highly enough. Earle K.


Mark Johns is a brilliant tennis player/teacher/student of the game, applying science to the sport.  On the occasions when I was fortunate enough to share the court with him, he brought the level of play up a notch and the fun along with it. He was diplomatic and charismatic in organizing events and managing a group of competitive, high-ego individuals many of whom ramped up on caffeine to get maximum edge. Kudos to Mark.   Steve S.


A very reasonable membership dues I doubt a less expensive one exists in the area. Mark is also always looking for ways to improve the club. He is also a fine instructor once you are willing to consider a new approach to the game. If you want to improve this club is the right place. I have taken lessons there for 6 yrs and am now about 200% better than when I started. The most economical way to get tennis instruction is TTK University open only to club ,members. Basically you pay an extra amount over basic club membership I believe it is for me $750.00 more and this extra amount entitles me to 30 hours of tennis insatruction. That's a great deal.      David K.


Tennis King is the best kept secret on the North Shore of Long Island. A hidden tennis club in the beautiful woods of Roslyn Estates.  “Sometimes you want to be where everyone knows your name and they’re always glad you came. “

Therese Wang


I’ve enjoyed being part of the Tennis King Club more than any other tennis club I’ve been part of. From the moment you walk up the hill to the club, it’s like you’re in your own private forest, that just so happens to have quite a number of tennis courts in there. My favorite part is the Advanced Doubles drills. I get to try out different strokes and strategies that if I were playing a regular game, I probably would not be doing that. But most of all, the most important thing about this club, is the person who runs it, and his name is Mark Johns. I’ve never met someone who so thoroughly enjoys helping players improve their game.    Bob C. 


 I have been a member of Roslyn Estates tennis for close to 30 years. During that time, I have seen the management change hands numerous times, however,  never has it been managed with more enthusiastic zeal, than now. Mark Johns is the consummate tennis professional. Every time I walk up that hill, I am magically transformed back in time,  when life was simple , care free , and all my worries are washed away. This is my home away from home, a place where one is just as comfortable sipping a coffee and chatting with friends  under the trees,  as crushing some balls on the court. No country club scene here. What you see is what you get, a bohemian club, that is a gem.  Bob G. 


This club stands out because of the friendliness of our members. I can stop by at almost any time without a preset game, and be able to find players willing to work me into playing with them.   Lew C.


"If you're looking for a club where you will feel welcome and will have opportunities to meet new players and have a lot of fun, Tennis King can't be beat.  "The King" is the key! He is the most enthusiastic and energetic club manager you can imagine.  Spend a few minutes with him on the court and he'll have you believing you can be a 5.0 player in no time.

His goal is to make you tennis life a real joy, and he succeeds."  Larry S.

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